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Saturday, 22 June 2013

33. Dorothy Yeates

Dorothy Yeates commented on Memories
I also have just found this site and reading through made me remember the milkman delivering milk with his horse, that was when we lived with my grandparents in Annweir Avenue. I believe the horse was named Jack, not too friendly. My grandmother collected what he left behind for the roses, as did other residents, cleaned the street up nicely! For a while my grandparents ran a sweet shop in Wembley Avenue, don't remember the dates exactly, would have been during the 1950s.
Someone mentioned the shops in Crabtree Lane, I remember Hibdiges, also I believe the coal was delivered by Lishers.
My father had a piece of land behind the Luxor where he kept chickens, before that he had a boot and shoe repair shop I think in the High Street in Worthing, I remember the Phillips stick a sole metal sign outside. Years later he used it to 'draw up' the open fire, having attached a handle made from some sort of very strong metal spring, worked like magic. On the coronation day I went to a neighbour to watch on the television, we had moved by then to Griffiths Avenue and I started at North Lancing Primary. The milk would freeze in the crates and push the tops off, ice would coat the slope to the top part of the school and the boys would love sliding down it. And I wonder how many hundreds of children have sat on the low branch of that famous tree up the clump?
Does anyone remember a schoolteacher whose name I think was Mr Rogers? I can't remember if he was in North Lancing or Boundstone, but he was effected by the war, it was probably called shell shock back then, I always felt very sorry for him.
Thank you to those who have jogged my memory somewhat.


Iamthegeezer said...

I remember Mr Rogers he was the History teacher at Irene Avenue Secondary School (pre Boundstone)
and I'm ashamed to say he was led a merry dance by many of us.
Lisher's was the coal business, run by Frank and George,they ran 2 horses and a cart as well as lorries, my father worked for Lishers and I as a child remember them bolting(cart attached)smashing vehicles with the cart as they galloped along sompting road.

Unknown said...

Mr. Rogers, yes, I remember him so well. He was such a good man, as one gets older we recognize just how mean we, as kids could be. He was very kind to me after I got polio, he talked to me about things I had done and seen in my very young life, he made me interested in history, as Mr. Granger created my interest on Geography. Mr. Powell, and Mr. Jones were decent too. Mr. Wigzel went out of his way to see that my interest i art was in fact fostered. I now paint very nicely thanks to his belief in me. After polio I had little self worth. In all, until my Grandmother died, Irene Ave had teachers that really cared about us kids. I feel lucky that I was able to attend there.